Insert a slide show

This is a simple slideshow made with the free Wow Slider.
Create the slideshow using Wow Slider and choose "Save HTML". You'll get a page of code and instructions. The instructions tell you to upload certain folders to the same folder that holds the html page that you intend the slider code to be placed. This is not really possible with Backlight.
I decided to place the folders in the root of my test site inside a folder I named "wow". I then changed the code given by Wow Slider to reflect the change in path. This is easy to do in any text editor using "find and replace".
There is also code that needs to be placed in the page's tag. This is a job for phplugins and is easy to implement. I just opened one of the phplugins sample files included with backlight and deleted any active code, replacing it with code to insert the Wow slider code into the tag, saved it as wow.php, and then uploaded this file to the /backlight/custom/phplugins/ folder on my test site.
Then I created a new page template in Backlight and under Advanced Customization, I chose the wow.php file.
Next I create a page using the new page template. I've added the very text you're now reading and the code to insert the slider below. I needed to add some inline styling to the slider code (z-index: 0;) because my drop-down menus were being hidden by the slideshow.

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  • Barbee_140726_3_6264
  • Barbee_140923_0575
  • Barbee_140624_3_4829
  • Barbee_140925_0935
  • Barbee_140629_3_5548-Edit
  • Barbee_131017_3_3221
  • bootstrap carousel
  • Barbee_131103_3_3775
jquery slider by v8.7

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