lunar eclipseHey! Here's my Backlight testing site, all brand new and full of excitement and mystery. Poke around, I'll be adding to it as more features become available. Don't be surprised if it looks totally different each time you visit. Try resizing the browser window to see what will happen on modern tablets and phones! And keep an eye on The Turning Gate for all the latest on Backlight.

Fun Things to Know

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Bailey the labradoodle

Backlight is easier to customize than the TTG CE line of Lightroom plug-ins. For example, it's no longer necessary to go through the phplugins set up process just to add custom css.

Create your custom css file, upload it to your /backlight/custom/css/ folder. In the Designer, go to your page template and in the Advance Customization tab, enable Custom Stylesheet and choose the file you uploaded.

I've used a bit of custom css on this site to do things like center the text in the footer, include a font, add borders and drop-shadows to page images, and to fix a weirdness that happens to list items when they're being affected by a floated element. Like those bullet points next to the picture above.

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Embed albums on pages

Below I've embedded one of my albums into the Home page. If I don't want this album to be repeated on the Galleries page, I can hide it from that page in the Album set up in Lightroom.