Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier is a Washington State icon, visible from many parts of the state.

Masonry Album

Masonry thumbnail layout. Thumbnails set at 350px wide, three columns max. The page width is 1140px with padding on each side. So the thumbnails fit in this container and each has a margin of 6px on each side. So the thumbnails presented are actually smaller than 350px wide.
This album is also using a page template that places the masthead logo and the navigation in the left sidebar (tray 01).
For a normal site I wouldn't have this many navigation items in the menu. In fact, I've disabled the descendants feature for the Galleries, Clients, and Other links. Otherwise you'd see links to the albums that can be found on those pages, making the menu even longer.

Download this album template: masonry-nav-in-sidebar
Right click and use Save As

Note: this album template is bundled with the corresponding page template. Phplugins and custom css may be enabled. Modify as needed.